Millesima company profile review : A reputable wine merchant

Millesima is a renown direct-to-consumer wine merchant of Bordeaux marketplace. They proposes one of the most comprehensive selections of fines wines that comes from different places internationally. Purchases exclusively made from the producing estates and stored in their own cellars allowing them to guarantee the quality and the authenticity of each bottle that gets sold.

Millesima is without a doubt a large brand in the wine direct-to-consumer indistry and is located in France with 62 employees. They do provide advices to costumers with experts available to answer any questions.

If your a wine amateur and you expect a real quality at a competitive price, you chose the right company. On their website you get access to over 2 million bottles in their cellars from the very best vintages produced in Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone Valley, Alsace, Champagne and more. It’s never easy to find reputable wine but their experience in the industry allow them to achieve that result.

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Millesima review: the reputation behind the brand

Millesima do have a strong reputation online which is something we look to as consumers before making purchase decisions. I’ve added a screenshot of a review website on Millesima. A 4,91/5 score is pretty solid and the reason behind it is usually a great customer service.

In our modern world, it’s hard to receive positive reviews since most reviewers take the time to write a review when they’re not satisfied.


Best Millesima red wines for beginners

What are some of the best Millesima red wines for beginners?

Merlot’s origins can be traced back to the Bordeaux region of France, and to this day, it’s still one of the main two grapes used in Bordeaux wine. The name is similar to the French word, “Merle,”which is a blackbird. That makes sense when you see the grape clusters, because they’re really dark black and blue.

If Cabernet Sauvignon can be considered King of all Wines, then Merlot is probably the Queen. They’re both neck-and-neck as far as being the most planted red grapes in the world, at over 700,000 acres each!

More recently, Merlot has kinda fallen out of popularity and a lot of people in the industry suspect that it has something to do with the movie Sideways. It’s called the “Sideways Effect.” The movie sort of dissed Merlot a little… people in the industry say that sales dropped off significantly after the movie came out.

I think that’s a shame if it’s true, because Merlot makes some of the most delicious and celebrated wines in the world!

Well, one thing that Merlot is most definitely known for is its soft, velvety and smooth texture, for that reason it’s often used to smooth out more austere grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon.

In places like Bordeaux, where the weather is variable, and the harvest is different every year, wine makers hedge their best a bit by blending grapes together. That’s why in Bordeaux, you’ll see (Merlot) used primarily as a blending grape.

There are a few places in Bordeaux that make 100% Merlot-based wines.They’re some of the most famous and expensive in the world.

A rare vintage of Chateau Petrus may fetch from $5000–6000 a bottle.

It’s probably no surprise that Merlot is genetically related to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec. All of those grapes are grown in the same region of France. Merlot is now grown all over the world. Anywhere wine is made, you’ll find a Merlot.

Merlot wine taste and flavor description

So, what does Merlot taste like?

Like all grapes, it depends on where it’s grown. But like Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s big and bold and juicy, and while it does have some tannins, it’s more velvety-smooth and has lower acids than Cabernet.

Common flavor descriptions say it’s like drinking Black Cherries, Red Currant and even blueberry. Like Cabernet, if it grows in a cool climate, it can exhibit some green flavors: Green bell pepper, and even tomato leaf.

In warmer climates, it tends to get very rip and therefore, higher in alcohol, really stewed and jammy, and extracted. Much like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is big and bold, and goes well with proteins.

I’d pair it up with some grilled meats, some pork and even poultry too.

Try a Millesima bottle with some duck!

Fans of pairing wine and chocolate will be happy to know that Merlot is soft enough to go with some of the sweeter chocolate dishes: Chocolate ganaches, and milk chocolate, for example. You can get affordable Merlot from almost anywhere in the world these days, but if you’re looking for something slightly different, look to places like Italy.

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Millesima white wines for beginners

What are some of the best Millésima white wines for beginners to try? Well stick around because we’re going to talk about probably the most famous grape in the world, Chardonnay. we’re gonna talk about some of the backstory of Chardonnay, we’ll talk about the styles and flavors, and I’ll give you some suggestions on how to best enjoy the wine.

Now many countries argue that they are the true origins of the Chardonnay grape but no surprise it’s actually France and specifically the region of Burgundy.

In fact both the grape and the wine are named after a small town in the Burgundy region called Chardonnay. To this day almost all white French burgundy is still made with Chardonnay so the next time you’re at the store branch out a little bit and try some French burgundy. It’s made with the Chardonnay grape and it’s interesting to see how the originals differ from what we’re used to drinking.

Chardonnay is also one of the main grapes used in fine French Champagne meaning if you want to try a Chardonnay based champagne you want to look for it. Blanc de Blanc which literally means a white wine made from white grapes.

We already know that Chardonnay originates in the Burgundy region of France but it’s so adaptable that it’s now found that almost every winemaking region in the world. In total worldwide there are over 400,000 acres now and as you’d expect the flavor of chardonnay changes depending on where it’s grown.

The wine taste depends on the place it’s coming from

In cooler parts of the world it’s harder to get the grapes to ripen so what you end up with is a leaner more acidic Chardonnay. In places like cheb Lee New Zealand and even northern us the Chardonnay will exhibit flavors of things like green apples and pears Kiwi lemons and limes and sometimes even kind of stony minerality.

In warmer parts of the world like California Sicily and Australia you get these really ripe and juicy chardonnays you’ll taste things like passionfruit, guava, pineapple, mangoes and even citrus peel.

There’s one more flavor aspect that we should talk about when it comes to chardonnay : Oak winemakers have learned that when they store Chardonnay in an oak barrel a chemical change occurs that causes a really sharp and bright acidic Chardonnay. It’s causing it to become smooth, almost buttery.

When it’s really heavily oak do you almost get like these butterscotch candy flavors. You can tell when the wine has been really heavily oak because the color changes. Sometimes you get this really dark deep golden color almost orange.

If an oaky buttery and spicy Chardonnay is not your thing you can get an unknowable chart like this one here from Chile.


What kind of foods pair with Chardonnay?

Once again it depends on the style for lighter and more lean sharp styles of Chardonnay I’d pair them up with almost anything you put with lemons things like ceviche or guacamole, shellfish and even a citrus.

As far as pricing is concerned you can expect that the more traditional areas where Chardonnay has grown places like burgundy or chili : champagne are going to command the highest prices. You can get some reasonable bottles there but for a really nice one you’re going to spend upwards of $100 or more.

The good news is that there’s so much Chardonnay out there in the world you don’t have to spend that kind of money for everyday drinking.

Conclusion on Millesima

Millesima is a great brand for wine lovers. Here’s a video bellow made by the company if you’d like to know more and if your a visual person. If you want to discover new wines and the company:

Millesima direct website link