Pela case review of the eco friendly phone : Must read before buying

Our Pela Case review also reviewed the positive environmental impact on the earth.

How much do you like the idea of saving the environment with an eco-friendly phone case?

I couldn't agree more as I am a big fan of environmental activities and advocacies. When I saw Pela's advertisement, I was intrigued by the unique speckled design on top of letter E in Pela’s logo. This kind of design is very familiar to me. The leaf normally depicts something that is related to the environment like green earth advocacies.

My curiosity about the logo led me to Pela's website and I gained more knowledge about the company. I browsed some Pela Case reviews and information to see how satisfied the buyers were. Eventually, I realized it was a very interesting product and worth buying. So, I ended up buying one Pela case for my iPhone.

Before we proceed, let's take a look at some fast facts about the Earth’s condition in terms of municipal solid waste (MSW).


Global Solid Waste Fast Facts

According to a report from the World Bank Organization, in 2016, there were about 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced, which is equivalent to 0.74 kilograms per person per day. With the rapid growth of the global population and urbanization, the World Bank expected that waste generation would increase by 70% (from 2016) to 3.40 billion metric tons by 2050. At least 33% of this waste is mismanaged around the globe today through open dumping or burning.

On the other hand, we know how intense the competition in cellphone innovation is. Every year or perhaps 2 times a year new models are introduced and sold in the market. Such global giant companies that are continually racing to be on top of the industry are Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, to name a few.

With this rapid development and upgrade of cellphone units nowadays, there have been 60,000 produced/sold plastic phone cases thrown out because they are no longer suitable for the current innovation of smartphones. And imagine how great the production of plastic phone cases is with over 1 billion sold every single year!

This global problem raises awareness and leads businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals to be conscious of the effect of the global solid waste on the environment and the future generation. One of the businesses that were formed for the sake of caring for the environment is Pela.


pela case

What is Pela and its eco-friendly phone cases?

Pela is the company behind the world's first compostable phone cases, called Pela Case. They are known for their sustainable phone cases, but they also have different lines of products.

The Pela case looks like your common phone case but made distinct from other cellphone cases as it is made from recycled and compostable materials. Thus, it is also known as an eco-friendly phone case, sustainable phone case, or recycled phone case.

I was so impressed when I received my very own eco-friendly iPhone case from Pela.

The eco-friendly Pela case has many excellent features:

(1) since it’s a compostable phone case, you don't need to worry about disposing it as it will decompose on its own;

(2) it also has a top-notch cellphone protector. It is especially made to provide effective protection;

(3) buying one means you are paying it forward to Pela’s advocacy of green environment;

(4) the recycled phone case texture has a smooth and flexible feel just like the other synthetic/plastic phone cases;

(5) there are lots of designs and colors to choose from that suits your taste;

(6) and the packaging does not include any plastic but packed in a compostable box as well.

The sustainable eco-friendly phone cases are available for the following smartphone brands: iPhone; Samsung; Google Pixel Phones; and Huawei.


Pela's inspiration and green advocacy

I'm always a fan of brands that advocate for the greater good, and for that reason, I bought and patronize Pela Products now. I've learned that Pela was formed by a team of nature-loving entrepreneurs who see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand.

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children" – Pela Case

This quote explains that for every endeavor they have, they push to believe in better, be better, and do better when it comes to preserving the planet for our children and future generations. Consequently, it led to the creation of their sustainable and eco-friendly phone case.

The Pela Case is made up of organic ingredients such as flax straw shive and plant-based biopolymers called Flaxstic (Flaxstic is a trademark of Pela made in Canada). This sustainable phone case with its unique appearance is free from phthalates, BPA, cadmium, and lead, plus it met the ASTM D6400 standards for compostability, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Pay it forward advocacy

Aside from producing eco-friendly and recycled phone cases, Pela adheres to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) through its Pay It Forward concept.

1.) Pela is a member of 1% for the Planet. That means a portion of every purchase made by the customer is donated to an environmental non-profit organization. 1% for Planet is a global movement and international organization inspiring businesses and individuals to support pro-environmental activities. Its members contribute at least 1% of their annual sales for environmental causes. Such activities assist and support non-profit organizations that protect the forests, lands, rivers, oceans, and encourage the sustainable and eco-friendly method of energy production.

2.) Pela contributes 5% of its sales from its inspired brand collections to 3 non-profit partners and benefactors:

Save The Wave Pela Case - Pela has partnered with Save The Waves  and that has resulted in the creation of the STW-inspired Pela Case. 5% of its sales go directly as a donation to this non-profit organization. Save The Waves is a global non-profit organization that partners with the local communities dedicated to protecting the coastal ecosystem. 

Surfrider Foundation x Pela Case Collection – is another partnership with the Surfinder Foundation. The collaboration led to the creation of the limited edition of the designs inspired by the Surfinder Foundation. 5% of the sales (of each Pela Case inspired by the foundation) are donated to the Surfinder Foundation. Surfinder Founder is also a non-profit environmental organization. Their primary cause is protecting and preserving the oceans, waves, and beaches.

Oceana Wave Collection - Pela also has a partnership with Oceana. Oceana was established by a group of leading foundations (The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Sandler Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund). Oceana is a non-profit organization working exclusively for the protection and restoration of oceans on a global scale.

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Overall Impression of Pela Case

Pela sustainable and eco-friendly phone cases are the best alternative for plastic-based phone cases.

Well, I’m sure you'll love the Pela phone case not only for its stylish design and colors, but also its advocacy. Simply buying 1 eco-friendly case can make a big impact on the planet.

It might seem more expensive at $39 per sustainable case compared to other brands, but you can use it for a year or so, and you are paying it forward for an environmental cause. In addition, by simply reading the packaging of the eco-friendly phone you ordered, you will be aware of the environment’s current condition.

Needless to say, I believe buying and patronizing Pela's products, which are not limited to eco-friendly phone cases only, is truly worth it.

To know more about the sustainable phone cases, you may visit the official website of PELA.